Effective training unlocks the true power of your applications and allowing your team to minimize inefficiencies and maximize productivity.

Business Analysts Trainings

The major responsibilities of a business analyst is to analyse the business processes, gather the requirements and finally document those requirements in line with the strategic initiatives of the Insurance Company. But in order to provide solutions to the insurance industry, it’s essential that the business analyst should have an understanding of the insurance processes, modules and concerned departments. This will enable the business analyst to identify any project or business related risks and if present, to propose suitable action to mitigate those risks.

MIT Consultancy will help you in training your business analysts to understand insurance business, learn the relations between business functions and deliver the outcomes to the software team without omitting any relevant information.

Software Developer Trainings

Why do you want to expand your software development team?

The answer is simple: When your team can not meet the requirements!

What happens if the newcomer has no sector experience?

The answer is simple again: Your team will have to deal with the newcomer!

Software developers are trained to create computer applications or systems software. But they should be explained clearly about what they are going to do. In principle, business analysts will cover this need. Nevertheless, training the developers about the core functionalities of the business will be the key point of effective resources usage.

MIT Consultancy will help you in training new developers to understand insurance business and develop flexible and scalable business applications.